Some of My Projects:

Website redesign & optimization
Wild Sweets Website Redesign
Engaging lead nurturing campaign for new registrants
Teach Away Live Workshops
Content marketing and lead generating eBook
Complete Guide to Hiring eBook
Created content to fuel a campaign of engaging workshops & resources
Passport to Teach Campaign
Build & grow online community to increase engagement and improve SEO
Online Forum & Communities
Nationwide blogger outreach to launch new collections
Meet the Bloggers Campaign

I'm a full-stack marketer who believes in fostering positive, long-term relationships through engaging customers with authentic content.

My exploration in marketing began when I started my own food blog and got into social media to nurture relationships with my own readers. Since then, I've worked with several organizations and have developed my digital marketing skills to touch multiple audiences in different stages of the buyers' journey.


Hi, I'm Janice!

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